Lauren Jenkins Press one sheet
"Lauren Jenkins, “Like You Found Me”The creator of 2019’s sleeper masterpiece No Saint returns with this muscular indie-rock anthem, which pairs pounding drums and sinewy electric guitar with a vulnerable plea to a potential suitor. “If you leave me, leave me like you found me,” the Texas native sings in the track, co-written by Jenkins and Blake Chaffin. But don’t mistake Jenkins’ hesitancy to have her heart broken (again) for weakness. Now an independent artist, she’s fully capable of going it alone: “I don’t need a man who thinks he’s James damn Dean,” she snarls in one verse. “Like You Found Me” is the first in a series of songs Jenkins plans to release this year." - ROLLING STONE
"Lauren Jenkins releases an empowering new song after seven years on Big Machine. Her new song, ”Ain’t That Hard,” released Friday, is the first offering from Jenkins’ independent project, and it showcases the subtle strength she expressed on No Saint: her gift for a hook among sharp and humanistic songwriting, her raw and idiosyncratic vocals that look more for emotion than showboating." - ROLLING STONE
"Country music always benefits from strong female voices, especially one as unique as Lauren Jenkins"The newcomer demonstrates this on her dynamic debut albumNo Saint, a 10-track biography built from unflinching honesty and brave storytelling.One of the brazen examples of this is the title track. Jenkins doesn’t rush into the story, but rather lets the soft melody pull the listener in before leaving them stunned with her powerful words, as she boldly reveals that she’s not ready to forgive the person who damaged her. Jenkins’ voice glows on the haunting song, as she allows her smoky vocals to simmer on  potent lyrics. - American Songwriter"