Creative force and critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Lauren Jenkins debuts her music short film Running Out Of Road to all digital platforms today. Running Out Of Road exclusively premiered with Amazon Music March 15 in conjunction with the release of Jenkins' debut album NO SAINT. Watch the short here.


Jenkins has always strived to be a storyteller first and foremost, through her music, songwriting, film and photography. “To find your future, sometimes you have to start by figuring out your past,” says Jenkins in Running Out of Road, the retrospective film she stars in and co-produced with her friend and the film's director Cole Smith. For 12 minutes Jenkins strives to untangle the threads of her relationship with a photographer (Jack Noble) against the backdrop of the American West. Shot on location in Miami, New Mexico and Cheyenne, Wyoming, “Running” melds narrative drama with constantly evolving imagery, as the young woman's memories fuel her fight to free herself and move forward.


Underscored by three original songs written and performed by Jenkins, “Running” is an evocative, accomplished piece of musical filmmaking that puts Jenkins on the map as an emerging artist with an uncompromising eye for storytelling across mediums. Next month Jenkins will also screen her short film at the Roswell Film Festival where it has been chosen as an official selection of the festival and will screen in competition.

Next week, Jenkins will release the three-part music video series that preceded and inspired the creation of her short film. Monday (3/25), she will release “Maker's Mark and You,” followed by “No Saint” on Tuesday (3/26). Wednesday (3/27), Jenkins will host a YouTube exclusive premiere of “Running Out Of Road” where fans will get a chance to chat with her on the platform as the video premieres. Fans can subscribe to her channel now for more details. Fans already familiar with the short film will find expanded footage and storytelling within the three videos, both answering questions and leaving more mystery behind as the much-anticipated trilogy is finally made available to the public.



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