Showcasing her stunning vocal prowess, Lauren Jenkins shines with a stripped-down acoustic performance of her “promising debut” (Music Row), “Give Up The Ghost” on Big Machine Records. Highlighting her natural talent, the dimly-lit video features Lauren with only a guitar as she emotes the Emily Shackleton co-penned lyrics. Speaking of her desire to release acoustic versions of her songs she says "my favorite songs are ones that you can play just the way you wrote them, without any editing. I feel like that’s the most honest way to be. So, I made this live acoustic video in one take, with no effects and no microphone. This is the way “Give Up the Ghost” sounded on the day we wrote it and letting people see the unfiltered version is something I plan to do with all of my new music.” Watch here: 
The song was recently named one of Rolling Stone’s 10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week and they proclaimed – “dressed up like an anthemic pop-rock song, “Give Up the Ghost” mixes Jenkins’ powerful pipes with an arrangement that wouldn’t be out of place on a Carrie Underwood record.”
Lauren has spent the past few years refining her songwriting skills and feeding her creative spirit before launching her newest project and recently told “I needed to really get to a place where I was strong enough and brave enough to say, 'This is what I want to do. I'm not going to let other people sort of edit who I am or the vision. I just really want to stay true to what I feel and what my vision is.”



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